Street Photography – WTF is this picture about? by Anton Candra

Photography had never been as flourished as it is now in digital era. Most people I know, they carry their own dslr camera, and I found it really interesting. We are all photographer in this age of time, telephone becomes mobile, mobile becomes camera-phone, camera phone becomes smart-camera-phone where image can be processed, printed and shared to community directly from it. Everyone carries camera nowadays, everyone is a photographer.

I consider this as a good starting point where people would take more seriously in taking pictures. Some of them love nature and do themselves a landscape or wild-life photography. Some love indulging themselves in the world of macro, some love to shoot portraits, conceptual, wedding etc.

Street Moment #15

Among many types of photography, I love street photography the most. I don’t even know why people call it a street photography, is it because we do it on the street? frankly I do not understand how people come up with this term. Continue reading

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Before and After by Anton Candra

We are now living in an era, where photographs may no longer be applied as solid representation of reality. A connection between artistic pursuit and capturing reality has become even wider. With all the technological advances in term of image manipulation, an artist has the power to create an image to a level beyond capturing it. One might say, this totally gives them a freedom to express whatever creative idea which lies in their mind, and translate it into its media. Another might also say, this is totally against the fundamental principle of photography.

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Ernst Leitz Lens Summicron f = 5cm 1 : 2 (rigid summicron 50mm) by Anton Candra

This is not a review, just my own personal experience of using this lens. Please understand that this is not my everyday lens, and I think to fully understand the lens character, one must spend quite sometime with it, use it under a lot of situations and lighting conditions. What I had was just a brief experience,  so I think this post would not represent the full performance of this particular lens, thus I consider this as my first impression, not a judgement.

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Learning to Observe – by Anton Candra

This writing is a  personal bookmark in the “book of photography” of mine. Over the past 3 years, I have known digital photography. During this period, so many people, books, events, etc have influenced my way of taking pictures.

I remember my earlier years, I took pictures almost everything – people, trees, statues, garbage bins, bug, mountain, sunsets…literally everything. It seemed that the world was filled by so many interesting things, and I felt overwhelmed. However, there was a period of time when I felt I had enough of everything. There was a time when I saw a statue and I didn’t want to shoot because I felt I had enough. I saw a beautiful mountain, but I was reluctant to raise my camera because I had so many similar pictures back home.

(lumberjacks, 2011)

In sort, I ran out of ideas of what I should shoot, up to the point when I got bored of shooting without any context. Photography had became a mere digital snapshot without any aesthetic interest. I felt like a teenager who was unable to distinguish a good wine from the bad one, who thought that all beers tasted the same.

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We Do Something Right, No One Remembers. We Do Something Wrong, No One Forgets by Anton Candra

How often we mistakenly take picture of something, in term of anything in photography, but ended up creating a decent picture out of it?

(admittedly, all my pictures in this post were all “mistaken” shot)

Unfocused, improperly exposed, framing a wrong subject, blurry images, those are common mistakes that I often made. In film era, those mistakes might be my learning process to which I would incur cost in gaining something out of it. However, in digital era this learning curve almost costs me nothing. Even better, it gives me opportunity to exploit it into something more meaningful.

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50mm, Getting Back To 24mm by Anton Candra

Back in my Nikon days, the one focal length that I used most of the time was 24mm. I do realise not many people are huge fans of wide-angle lens, comparatively with 35mm or so-called human-eyes-perspectives’s 50mm, but I am one of those who really deeply in love with 24mm. I love the way it generates dramatic perspective and how fantastic is the result if we use in unusual angle.

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Kids Halloween in Noctilux F0.95 by Anton Candra

Celebrating my daughter’s halloween party, I got terrific opportunity to try this Leica M Noctilux 50mm F/0.95 ASPH. This is not a review about the lens – hell I do not have capability to write a review – it’s more like my personal experience.

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