Street Shot With Fuji Superia 400 by Anton Candra

These are my first shots of street photography using film media. My choice is Fuji Superia, it’s cheap and can be found anywhere, that is one the reason I’ll use it alot. There are plenty of amazing films available in the market with its respected quality and price. It is exciting knowing I would engage whole new experience with all of them and see the different results it may generate, especially the black and white films. But until then I stick with this affordable Superia… least until I get myself familiar with this film things.

M3 + Fuji Superia 400 Film

My analogue camera is Leica M3, according to serial number it was made in 1966. I bought it in mint condition at bargain price. I used my 1958 Rigid 50mm Summicron most of the time, sometimes also used new Summilux 50mm ASPH (just out of curiosity, I wanted to know how the aspherical lens works with film).

Leica M3 (Rigid 50 Crons) & Leica M9 (Lux 50 ASPH)

I am a digital born photographer, so going out on the street and using film camera was honestly brand new experience for me.  One convenient feature in digital photography I am really accustomed is its metering. This M3 has no metering at all, instead I need to use my iPhone with metering app to estimate the correct exposure. It might sound so annoying – getting your iphone every time you want to shoot – but the truth is : it is easy to estimate the exposure once we know the initial reading. We could adjust the aperture and exposure speed accordingly without using iphone’s metering in every single shot.

M3 + Fuji Superia 400 Film

Sometimes, it did give me confusion to estimate the correct exposure, I did feel hesitated to shoot and ended up using my iPhone to confirm…thus I missed the shot, alot of them. However, the more I shoot, I feel more confident about the exposure estimation. I think I could almost feel it. Perhaps I was not making a correct estimation, but Superia negative-films have a lenient exposure correction, can be pushed up to two exposure value. So I guess no matter what exposure setting that I estimated, it could neither be two stop over nor under…..with my fingers crossed, off course.

M3 + Fuji Superia 400 Film

All of these shots are my test shots. My goal is to shoot BW films in the future. I want to build up my confidence before I jumped to the real street photography with BW film. If someone asked me, which one I prefer…digital or film? It is too early for me to say. Digital is hassle free, I love it being in that state. On the other hand I love the way film gave me confident when shooting people on the street, knowing when someone being aggresive about my shooting them, they would not be able to see the preview image.

M3 + Fuji Superia 400 Film

This picture below is a fail shot.  It reminds me stupid mistake that I’d made. I forgot to securely close the back lid of my M3 after loading a roll of film. I missed the focus, I missed the exposure, and most importantly missed the moment….in fact I was almost giving up my film camera and get back to my M9. I dont regret it, as a matter of fact, I love it…the most meaningful shot that I have taken in this particular film roll. ( it looks as if these girls laughed at me for not being able to shoot them )

Shooting film is a completely different experience, so far it’s a good one. When I go out with my family and my digital M, I can never stop myself from shooting anything. With film, I only shoot few and I got the rest of time to play with my daughter (I would not waste my film on one scene, I would surely save it for another). I think I am sticking my hands on film camera for quite some time in near future.


Thank you very much for dropping by, I really appreciate your visiting my blog. I will post a lot of film result in the future. I do hope you guys enjoy it.



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6 Responses to Street Shot With Fuji Superia 400 by Anton Candra

  1. nathan santoso says:

    great post as always ton!!

  2. xdharmax says:

    please i want to see more, stunning!, film is not dead ^ ^

  3. David says:

    great film shot. I use M6 mostly for my street photography. There is no way digital can replace films.

    best regard.

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