Backlight Shots With 50mm Summicron Rigid by Anton Candra

First of all, this is not a writing article. I just want to share the performance of Leica lens 50mm summicron Rigid, in handling a backlight. If you need any basic background information regarding this lens of mine, please visit my other post HERE.

I am not discussing anything about this lens’ performance right now, nor giving comment about it. Because I think it’s still far for me to judge this lens by only using it a couple of times. I will, however, continue to use this lens and create as many images as posible, so  I can post it here for everyone to see.

The reason I post only black and white images is simply because I do not have enough time to post-process it in colors (admitedly, Im just too lazy I guess). Another reason is, most of them were shot with ISO 800. Shooting backlight is tricky, the margin between the area exposed/uneposed by light is huge. Therefore it contains overexposed, uderexposed and EVERYTHING in between (including some unavoidable noises in less-exposed area). The post processing would be even more difficult for me if I did it in colors. But again, it’s just me…..I believe some people have more advance knowledge regarding this matter.



Thank you very much for reading my blog, I do appreciate your visit, I really hope you like it.


Updated 3/4/12 : follow this link to my Flickr Photostream to view the color version.

Updated 3/4/12 : The original raw files looks


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8 Responses to Backlight Shots With 50mm Summicron Rigid by Anton Candra

  1. xdharmax says:

    Whoa i still learning using Rigid for making flare and still not get the best result…love your flare shots ko anton

    • Anton Candra says:

      thanks for visiting pak Dharma. Saya merasa photo2nya pak Dharma juga banyak yang bagus2, I love the way you exploit the wide angle lens for street shot….especially with the black and white. Should post more of ’em….and also share some of your experience too, who knows it might be useful for all of us 🙂

  2. Hu Cha Wei says:

    great samples of backlight shots Anton, I really look forward the next post. Thanks for sharing

  3. nathan santoso says:

    superb Ton

  4. dodojoewono says:

    love the blog
    n great shots 🙂

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