Ernst Leitz Lens Summicron f = 5cm 1 : 2 (rigid summicron 50mm) by Anton Candra

This is not a review, just my own personal experience of using this lens. Please understand that this is not my everyday lens, and I think to fully understand the lens character, one must spend quite sometime with it, use it under a lot of situations and lighting conditions. What I had was just a brief experience,  so I think this post would not represent the full performance of this particular lens, thus I consider this as my first impression, not a judgement.

I bought this lens on November 2011. If there’s someone to blame, that person is Thorsten Von Overgaard , the Danish Photographer, during his seminar in Hong Kong. (and I am sure if he read this, he would smile……yup everyone’s getting rigid nowadays). Apart from that, because this lens looks so beautiful.

According to the serial number, this lens was made in 1958.  I wrapped it up  like 3 month ago, in a very mint condition, and I only had a couple of opportunity to use it. Due to popular belief, it is being said as one of the best Classic Leica lens that one should own. I will see about that, because I will put this lens on my camera everyday for the next 1 month….no summilux, no noctilux, no aspherical, no floating element, just me and this summicron rigid.

This is my first quite-decent shot of my daughter with this lens, a very nice bokeh in my opinion. That’s a good start….because I love bokeh.

Here’s another one, I shoot a girl with traditional Chinese Costume in CNY celebration, first thing I notice while I was processing this on Lightroom,  it lacks of contrast. But I understand this issue, since this lens was designed for film, not a CCD sensor.

Sharpness, it is sharp. Aspherical sharp? no, a classic sharp. Back in film-era, they did not zoom 100% or 500%….just an A4 sized paper to judge the sharpness, so I called it an A4 sharp, good enough for me since I dont really care about sharpness that much.

Another positive thing I can mention is, this lens is small and light…and I think it is lighter than my Summicron 35. This picture below, I put it side by side with my friend’s 5D with 135mm L lens attached (just off the topic honorable mention, Canon 135mm L is  a fine lens )

I will post some of my shots with summicron 50mm rigid in near future, I’ve also been curious how it handles backlight (some said it handle really well, even better than the aspherical one). I will see about that.

Again, this is very subjective article, a personal experience that is. If you really want the reliable review, please visit my friend site, Thorsten’s review of 50mm Summicron(II) …..a very good review.

Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.



Updated 4/4/2012 : Follow this link for Backlight Shot with Summicron Rigid 50mm


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15 Responses to Ernst Leitz Lens Summicron f = 5cm 1 : 2 (rigid summicron 50mm) by Anton Candra

  1. Guy Platt says:

    I, of course, also want one of these. For the same reasons that you do. I don’t really need it as my 50 ‘cron version 4 is great and does a fine job. But they do look good. I almost bought one some months back but then back out of the the sale. This was before I met Thorsten.

    So if you find another, at a good price, let me know 🙂

  2. pierre says:

    funny, I also got myself this lens the other day. A 1957 copy.
    I like to use it for BW portraits, and also because I can make it flare (unless my latest version summilux)
    rigid rules !

  3. Hu Cha Wei says:

    I just check mine, I think it was made in 1965. Me too, just received the vented hood last week

  4. Nice, I have a 64 cron and I love it, its only on my M8 though, cant afford a 9…yet

  5. Matthias says:

    After shooting on many different occasions with Thorsten I also got to know and esteem the qualities of this lens. So much that I finally bought a 1964 version myself. Together with the SX 50 ASPH this is a great and very different two lens setup on the road. This was what I was looking for. When I met fellow photographer Pierre at the Salzburg Exhibition I was impressed to se how well he handled this lens. – If you “want” to reduce flare use a B&W Clear MRC filter and certainly the original shade 12585 – bought mine from Kevin Cameras over ebay in perfect condition. Besides, congratulations on this blog.

    • Anton Candra says:

      I must agree with you, I really need the hood to avoid such an excessive flare, but it’s very hard to find it here. Perhaps I’d look for it on ebay, and pay whatever price they’re offering. I saw your rigid on facebook, it really looks like a brand new, and really makes me envious 🙂

      thank you Matthias, for your visiting here and valuable insight.

  6. stephenbartels says:

    Interesting views, looking forward to hearing more in due course.

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