We Do Something Right, No One Remembers. We Do Something Wrong, No One Forgets by Anton Candra

How often we mistakenly take picture of something, in term of anything in photography, but ended up creating a decent picture out of it?

(admittedly, all my pictures in this post were all “mistaken” shot)

Unfocused, improperly exposed, framing a wrong subject, blurry images, those are common mistakes that I often made. In film era, those mistakes might be my learning process to which I would incur cost in gaining something out of it. However, in digital era this learning curve almost costs me nothing. Even better, it gives me opportunity to exploit it into something more meaningful.

This writing is not my attempt to contradict what people (and myself) have already believed that pre-visualisation is paramount in making a good picture. I COMPLETELY agree with such  statement. In fact it is what I always put before everything…. every time I took a shot.

I just believe that anything happened in this world, it happened for a reason. I believe that every picture that we took, was the result of both our conscious and sub-conscious mind, least in term of pre-visualizing the end. I believe that there are no such thing as accidental shot, only an unexpected occurrence that alters the expected result to which it is MEANT to be captured in the first place.

A blurry picture remains a blurry picture no matter how hard we try to manipulate it. Nonetheless, behind this kind of imperfect picture, it lies our idea of shooting something. It is just an unexpected thing happened on our way of achieving the result. The end result might be imperfect and different……..yet the idea remains.

I do not say, however, that all crap pictures could potentially become a good picture, it’s way far from that assumption.

Because of what I believe, now I learn – and still am – practicing not to delete anything I have shot which I consider ugly. I just keep everything in my hard-disk : few good shots, many bad shots, and huge number of hopeless shots. Despite all, they are still my shots, my very idea of something.

Right now I am seeing some of my pictures being as ugly as hell, but maybe, just maybe, it is  not a bad picture after all. It might be just me – at this moment – still fail to see whatever good in it. Maybe, just maybe, one day I would see it with different set of wisdom, different kind of knowledge and different type of approach.

I read somewhere and I think it worth to remember, a set of rules in photography acts only as a guideline in creating good image (not religious thing that we must follow untill we die), but the truly GREAT pictures are those which break all the rules, which reflect the true character of photographer, which capture moment in scope of the uncommon, which in the end & most importantly give stronger meaning being put THAT WAY. I may not be a good photographer, but I know somehow this statement is true.

Thus creating bad picture that remains still in the viewer’s thought is better than creating technically perfect pictures that easily be forgotten.  Afterall, it is our human nature to have tendency remembering something that is more unusual. As I quote this statement made by notorious Hell’s Angels :

“When we do something right, no one remembers. When we do something wrong, no one forgets.”

Just my thought to share to all.


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3 Responses to We Do Something Right, No One Remembers. We Do Something Wrong, No One Forgets by Anton Candra

  1. Hu Cha Wei says:

    very nice writing indeed and great pictures too

  2. Ryan Candinato says:

    You’re truly and exactly right.

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