50mm, Getting Back To 24mm by Anton Candra

Back in my Nikon days, the one focal length that I used most of the time was 24mm. I do realise not many people are huge fans of wide-angle lens, comparatively with 35mm or so-called human-eyes-perspectives’s 50mm, but I am one of those who really deeply in love with 24mm. I love the way it generates dramatic perspective and how fantastic is the result if we use in unusual angle.

I swore back then, I could live with only one lens for the rest of my life, that is Nikkor 24mm F/1.4 AFS-G. I would go to any places only with this lens, or sometimes I brought any other lens but left them in vain. Another thing, this 24mm f/1.4 lens enabled me to shoot in extremely low light situation, mostly because I could use very low shutter speed (1/24) and combine it with high ISO capabilities of D700…hence I got myself an incredible-low-light-capable camera system.

But then, it came the day I fell in love with Red Dot camera, Leica. It just did not come to any of my senses if I spent €5000++ just to get Summilux 24mm ASPH to replace my Nikkor AFS 24 F/1.4, the price is way too high. This was the time, I forced myself to use 50mm focal length, the one focal length that I used to hate the most.

Almost one year, NOTHING but 50mm. Somehow, my heart grew on this focal length, I got so comfortable using it that I think I see the world with my eyes in 50mm.


Just about time,  I realise that I was TOO comfortable.

Now, being able to sell all my Nikkor lenses, I bought myself a 24mm Summilux ASPH. I was very happy that finally I could – once again- reunite with this wide angle focal length. However, to my surprise, I found it extremely hard to properly use it, it’s out of my world. I could hardly make any good picture with it. I gave myself sometime, and tried to give it a go in few days, but still…….the one thing that used to be my way of seeing the world, now I feel myself have alien eyes’ point of view.

My point of this writing, perhaps my experience could be an important insight to everyone who happen to read my blog. One can only live with one focal length for some period of time, but when we need to switch boat…..the whole world seems to be different, and we could do nothing but to adjust our own point-of-view. To do this, it takes time and a lot of efforts. The more I understand how things work, the more fascinated I am about zoom lens. I presume only the real expert in photography would use zoom lens, to switch to any focal length and to adjust their way of seeing the world in a matter of instant.

Here are some pictures I took with Summilux 24mm ASPH

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8 Responses to 50mm, Getting Back To 24mm by Anton Candra

  1. Bryan says:

    Didn’t know you had a blog Anton, loved the pictures you took in Hong Kong and will read as often I can.

  2. gunawan candra says:

    Enjoy ur writing ton …… I alway like how u connect the dot, to make a point. Very clever!

  3. Chris Chou says:

    Very modest style writing, Anton. I’d say your Nikon 24mm shots are great, and your summilux 24mm shots are even better. Myself, I am very much comfortable with zoom. It is not because I can adjust my point of view instantly but more into versatile to any situation without needing to change my lens.

    I never use prime lens, because I feel restricted in making composition. You can make a good pictures with only one focal length. That’s what I call expert.

    • Anton Candra says:

      Thanks Chris for your kind comment, very much appreciate it. Zoom lens is always a luxury to me, once I got myself 24-70mm f/2.8 and I ended up using only two focal length that’s 24mm and 70mm. Perhaps it just a matter of habitual mindset. Anyway thank you for the compliment, it means very big.

  4. Pedro says:

    First of all, I saw your post in facebook, needless to say, they’re amazing. I share your pictures from Thorsten. I’d say it’s good to have blog like this, share some of your works and let it be noticed. keep it up Anton, I will keep reading and viewing your blog

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