Kids Halloween in Noctilux F0.95 by Anton Candra

Celebrating my daughter’s halloween party, I got terrific opportunity to try this Leica M Noctilux 50mm F/0.95 ASPH. This is not a review about the lens – hell I do not have capability to write a review – it’s more like my personal experience.

Regardless the fact that this lens ridiculously expensive, and being said the best 50mm on earth, I found that  it’s very hard to use. Perhaps it was just me, not getting used to exploit a f/0.95 aperture, at which I was having major difficulty in focusing (especially in low light situation).

Personally, I prefer my summilux 50mm to this noctilux 50mm. The size itself is huge, and a serious issue for me, it’s like I was carrying a DSLR. The focus ring is surprisingly very stiff and 95% of my images are out of focus. I must admit, I dont feel comfortable using this lens. But, Hey….it is just me. I believe, with a little practice and being able to get perfect focus….everybody should love this lens.

Regardless all my rants, somehow this noctilux has special look in its image result, which I can not possibly get with summilux 50mm. The bokeh rendering is somehow very distinctive, and it is ridiculously  sharp at full opening.

All these images below were taken at full F/0.95 with ISO 800 (mostly) and some ISO 1250.  If I were allowed to justify my out-of focus-images, the room was very dark, everyone -including myself- were having a scary and creepy times, and this 0.95 aperture was really killing me, a kind of very frustrating yet happy experience. But, I think I would not be able to get anything if I used my summilux. Once again, please excuse my out of focus result.

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2 Responses to Kids Halloween in Noctilux F0.95 by Anton Candra

  1. gunawan candra says:

    Great iamges. I don’t even notice blurry image, all I see is awesome images!!!

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