Expression or Impression – by Anton Candra

(written within the scope of photography as an artistic material.)

Defining whether some pictures are good (or not), always lies inside our perception. That is what I think would mainly influence us to determine whether certain pictures worth to keep.

In some occasions when I took some pictures and planned to post it for everyone to see, I’d often wonder : do I need a little credit for those pictures I have just taken? Because I would love to hear someone actually said my pictures suit their liking. This kind of thought would presumably influence the way I shoot, the one dangerous mindset of which I previously unaware …… striving for recognition.

Girl & her dog - Huang He, Zhengzhou. Henan Province.
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Films, The Story Of Mine – By Anton Candra

(I write this in response to article in the Economist The End Of Analogue Film)

Film photography, first time I heard someone talked about it, I was thinking ” …why are people still interested in these things?”


I believe I am not the only one who was thinking that way, I also believe some of my readers, here, at this very instant, wonder “yes, why indeed?”. Just look at those great pictures taken by various type of digital cameras nowadays, this kind of question is inevitable. Even most of compact cameras have the capability to give astonishing result. Fujifilm X series, Nikon V series, many types of Olympus mirorless, Sony Nex series and godly RX1, Leica X1 or X2, etc. Those are few types on which people can completely rely in any circumstances. I mean seriously, they are versatile, unbeatable ease of use, amazing image quality, anything we mention, they had it.
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Few Approaches In Street Photography by Anton Candra

“I remember my good picture with pride, but I am also often haunted by the great one missed ”

I missed more picture than what I actually captured. Street photography basically is all about capturing the truth showing everyday life with its honesty and our personal arrangement. The authenticity of a photograph for me is a major issue. When I missed one particular moment, I just walk away instead of creating something to replay that moment.

However, I am not judging any street photograph that has been staged in its process of capturing it. Because in first place, how do we know a street-photo had been staged?….unless otherwise we saw the process with our own eyes. I also understand that some truths can only be told as a fiction.  In short, my approach is not the best approach. It might work for me, it might not work for others.

Kodak Gold Max 400 + Rigid Summicron
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Street Shot With Fuji Superia 400 by Anton Candra

These are my first shots of street photography using film media. My choice is Fuji Superia, it’s cheap and can be found anywhere, that is one the reason I’ll use it alot. There are plenty of amazing films available in the market with its respected quality and price. It is exciting knowing I would engage whole new experience with all of them and see the different results it may generate, especially the black and white films. But until then I stick with this affordable Superia… least until I get myself familiar with this film things.

M3 + Fuji Superia 400 Film

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What Is A Good Picture ? – By Anton Candra

We could ask visual-artist whom we know  “what is a good image?” and I think most of them will have different answers and different requisites to qualify an image as a good image. Probably they would base their opinion on their own discipline and principle. The question is – IF the definition of good image is so diverse, then how we resolve the general definition of good image? Put it in more simple words, how do we know a good image is a good image?

Eve & Belle - Princess Bridge

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Backlight Shots With 50mm Summicron Rigid by Anton Candra

First of all, this is not a writing article. I just want to share the performance of Leica lens 50mm summicron Rigid, in handling a backlight. If you need any basic background information regarding this lens of mine, please visit my other post HERE.

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Rick Price feat. Kahitna Concert in Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 ASPH by Anton Candra

Here it was, I got another great opportunity to use Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. This time, it was a Rick Price feat. Kahitna concert. Rick Price, A great and truly amazing singer he is. So great that I  even forgot I brought a camera while listening to his songs.

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